DIY hand painted tiles are a neat way to add a personal touch to any wearable surface in your home. They’re super easy to make and create a beautiful product that will add value to your space. You can use these tiles for decorating your living room, bathroom or porch floor, or even for your kids’ playroom.

Benefits of DIY Hand Painted Tiles


The painted tiles are made from all 100% natural materials (earth, sand and natural glue). They have no coating, glaze or paint. They are completely handmade with natural ingredients and can be cleaned with water. We keep high quality control during the process and we offer the best of service to our craftsmen.

2.Manufacturing process

All DIY hand painted tiles are handmade in our studio. We start by making the pattern on a piece of paper while observing the lines carefully to avoid errors in size, color and direction of each line. Then we make a painting stencil using white glue and a brush specially designed for this purpose. Finally, we use a palette knife and a small paint roller to apply the color. We do everything in our studio and it takes at least 2-3 days to get it done.


The tiles are completely made of natural materials and they can be cleaned with water as well as you would clean any other painting materials. They are completely handmade with natural ingredients, so you can use them in your home or bathroom without worries about any harmful effects on your health.


These tiles are handmade from natural materials and they are much cheaper compared with other brands. You can start at 1,000 square feet with only one tile for each space for about $30-$40 per square foot.

5.Ease of use

Using your DIY hand painted tiles is easy and fast to install. All you need is to apply the glue on the back side of the tile, place them on desired shape, spread a small amount of glue over their surface and place the next tile on top of it. Then repeat the process until all required pieces have been used or there are no more available in your set.

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