A flowerbed refers to any garden bed on a lawn or other surface that is ornamented with flowers. Theoretically, the location of flowerbeds will vary based on the plant selection; for example, sun-loving plants can be planted in the ground nearest a house or driveway, while shade-loving plants can be planted farther from a building’s foundation.

How to make a flowerbed

1. Get the right tools and materials

It is a good idea to have a shovel and some small hand tools. When placing plants in a flowerbed, you may also need a pair of pruners or shears, depending on the size of your flowerbed.

The materials needed will largely depend on your planting plans and whether you are planning to grow annuals, perennials, shrubs, or ground covers in your flowerbed. Annuals require a lot more materials than perennials and shrubs because annuals are planted each year. As a general rule, you will want to get six inches of topsoil, which can be bought at most home improvement stores. Applying fertilizer such as manure or compost can also help your plants flourish.

2. Choose your plants

When choosing the plants you will use to create your flowerbed, think about the ultimate size of the plant and whether it is an annual, perennial or annual.

A single plant may take a few months to reach maturity; if that is the case, consider planting it where it will be least obtrusive to your yard and garden. For example, you may want to plant flowering bulbs in cracks between stones or raised beds away from preferred walkways. Once the bulbs have matured and bloomed, they will not be in your way as much.

3. Prepare the planting site

If you are simply adding plants to an existing flowerbed, you do not need to make any changes to the flowerbed itself. However, it is always a good idea to add some extra dirt when you are planting perennials or flowers that need well-drained soil. If you are preparing a new flowerbed, the first thing you will want to do is remove any weeds and debris that may be in this area.

You should also remove any dead plants or spent flowers, as well as rocks larger than a golf ball. If you have an existing tree or bush, ensure that it will not interfere with where your garden is going to be located.


Planting flowers in a flowerbed is a great way to add color and beauty to the garden. Although this type of planting may require more care than other types of planting, it can be done successfully with the right tools and materials.

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