Birthday Banquet is a gathering open to the public. It is the celebration of all birthdays that happen on a day in the year. There are two types of Birthday Banquet: informal, and formal. The informal type can be done anytime during any month of the year, while birthday events require at least seven days notice and must be scheduled for one day.

Things to consider when planning a Birthday Banquet

1. Cost

The cost of the event can vary. A guideline to follow is to consider the amount of people at the meal and how much food they will require. Also, find out what you’ll need; and most importantly, what your guests will require.

2. Guest list

Keep the guest list to a minimum, 3 to 5 would be ideal. It is also good to organize a guest list in advance just in case the birthday person receives gifts you do not know about or wish to keep secret.

3. Date, Time and Location

After deciding on the guest list, decide on a date, time and location. It is good to settle on one location as much as possible so you won’t have problems with transportation and planning of activities. Also try your best to avoid last-minute changes because coordinating everyone’s schedule can be very difficult.

4. Décor

The décor is your choice, but make sure you don’t cut too much on the costs.

5. Menu and Food Preparation

You may choose to prepare the food yourself or have one of your guests do it for you, but remember, food safety is a concern. As for the menu, plan according to the number of your guests. Your budget will also be a factor in choosing what food items to serve so you can go for more expensive ones if more people will be attending. Also decorate the food and make it look good because that way the atmosphere is set up naturally.


There are many ways to get an event organized, so be creative and be smart. If you do not plan on inviting many people then the choice of menu will depend on the budget you have. However, if you plan to invite a large number of guests then try to think of a menu that can appeal to everyone.